Dr. Reyno Scheepers, Pr.Sci.Nat., Ph.D.

Director, President & CEO
Dr. Scheepers’ involvement with geology and the mining industry stretches over a period of 28 years. He started off as a researcher at the Fuel Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of South Africa where he gained experience in the composition and characteristics of various South African coal fields. This was followed by a 2 year period as a geologist at a South African gold mine (Witwatersrand gold deposits) where he gained experience in underground geology, underground and surface exploration, and gold exploration project planning. He then joined the University of Stellenbosch (S.U.) where he became associate professor in mineralogy/petrology in 1999. He obtained his Ph.D. (S.U.) on the distribution of radioelements (U, Th, K) in granites in 1990 following a seven month period at the Centre de Rescherches sur le Geologie de la Uranium (CREGU) in Nancy, France. Since 2005 he has been a full-time consultant and director of companies based in the Republic of Tanzania. Dr. Scheepers is a registered Professional Natural Scientist in Geological Science and a member of:

  • Geological Society of South Africa (since 1984).
  • SACNASP Registered (since 1984).
  • The Mineralogical Society of South Africa (1996 to 2001).
  • Geological Society Western Province Branch (1985 to 2002).
  • Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (1989 to 1997).
  • Council member: Geological Society of South Africa (1996 to 1999).
  • Council member: The Mineralogical Society of South Africa (2002).
  • Committee member: Geological Society Western Province Branch (1985 to 1989).
  • Committee member: The S.A. Code for Stratigraphy Committee, since 1993.
  • Member: Geological Society of America (GSA).
  • George Rwekiti

    Senior Geologist
    George has over 10 years of experience in exploration and production in Tanzania. He began his studies at the University of Dar es Salaam (1989-1993) in Geology, involving basic and advanced geological mapping; mineral exploration; a basic knowledge in engineering geology and petroleum geology. Main duties: Exploration and Mining of Diamond at Mabuki Area, Kwimba district in Mwanza (1998-1999), then Barrick Exploration LTD (T) (BEAL). He worked as an Exploration Geologist in various areas including around Lake Victoria Gold fields and South West Tanzania Lupa Gold Field (2000- 2004). He then worked with Kahama Mining Corporation LTD and then Tanzanite Africa Limited as Mining Geologist. His work entailed underground mapping, face mapping, ore grade control and reconciliation. He was team leader for various exploration ventures in the Lake Victoria gold fields and in eastern Tanzania in the Handeni District.